Monday, October 6, 2014

There is No Spoon

Alright, let me specify the nerdiness I mentioned earlier. It´s not just looks. I mean I´m surrounded by players of Magic the Gathering, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and so on and so forth. And I´ve seen a bit of anime like Pokemon and a few movies but I am nothing in comparison to some. It all makes me feel at home, but also very much not nerdy when I compare myself.

I had possibly the most interesting contact in my life talking to an old Buddhist Spaniard. He tried to convince us that God is infinite (ya) but since we are able to name him he must be finite. And we tried to talk to him about faith and prayer and stuff. Like I always ask people if they´ve seen their heart with their own eyes and how do they know if they have one? Everyone has that "faith" and they say they´ve felt it inside. Didn´t work. He asked me what my arm was and told me that the arm is made of many things and cannot be specified and told me that my arm only exists because I can see it and my arm only exists in my mind and reality could be some form of dementia. He thinks too much. It remind me of the "If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?" or "There is no spoon." from the Matrix. But ya, easily my weirdest contact ever.

On our way to a lesson we saw a recently returned missionary, Hermana Tabares, and she actually joined us in the lesson. Although she now noted the difference between teaching as a missionary. And she told us about her rough experience of being released. And she chose the most awful movie to watch as her first movie which was some horror movie with the cover as a bunch of skulls and the Eiffel tower upside down. We also saw her at conference.

Conference! It was so good! I will write about it next week for the sake of time.

Random paragraph: We live by the metro Canal. We are literally like 20 feet from it. The street is Calle Bravo Murillo. Ya, I see the temple films in Spanish. I saw B. A is gone forever I think. I have yet to see C and D. Yes the Sullivans are the temple steps choir people from the MTC. Into the Woods is becoming a movie?! Weird. England? Why are they taking a trip to England?

Pardon my relatively brief and short email. I have to go write a very long email to a recent convert because lots of bad jazz just went down in her life. Pray for her if you would. Her name is Raquel. I love you all and I gotta go!

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