Monday, April 27, 2015


Well, about the mother´s day call. I´m not sure how skype will work. In my past calls, it´s been on an iPad and that hasn´t really worked. I can try to get a computer, but I still have to organize with some members to skype somewhere. It´ll probably be on an iPad, though. We´ll see. I have no official time planned yet either. You might have to ditch church a bit early. We´re thinking of me doing my call at 11, your time. I´m not even sure how to do a google chat call. I tried at Christmas so I think we´ll stick to skype. I´ll try to get more info this week.

Trunky moment of the week: In the metro they have little videos of news around the country and sports scores and whatnot. While we were chilling on the metro, I saw x-wings on the screen and immediately knew it was news on Star Wars 7. They didn´t show much but it was a pretty low blow of trunky-ness.

Random moment: We realized this week that Elder Weeks and Elder Cotton are almost exactly like Shaun and Gus from Psych. In both scenarios, one is a brown haired white guy who´s kind of a goof ball but still vaguely serious and the other is a black guy who´s more sophisticated and reasonable but his black slang and sass is still ever present.

We´re finding more success in that pueblo called Boadilla del Monte. When we first got there we just contacting all afternoon but now we have set lessons and everything. We also now know how the area much more. The one member family that lives there told us if there´s a baptism in Boadilla, they´ll throw whoever it is a huge party. I love going there and I love seeing the growth from next to nothing.

We met a Finnish woman in the street! I tried to remember all the Finnish culture and language that I knew but the only thing was the language. And that´s not even that great. My companion taught me to say, hello, thanks, a swear word (the Finnish thunder god´s name), butterfly (what he always said instead of that swearword), and that random tongue twister about a dog eating some monk´s bean soup. Ya, it didn´t help. Sadly, I also forgot the city that he lives by and I didn´t remember to mention saunas, of all things. But it was a fun little experience.

Not much else to tell. The weather cooled down a bit. It´s nice because we´re in the streets a lot. I miss you all and love you loads!

Os quiero,
Elder Morgan

Monday, April 20, 2015

Hot and Not Too Hot

Well this will be a short letter as well, regrettably. Not really much happened this week and I´m not feeling too hot. Quite the contrary, it is also getting really hot outside.

My new companion is Elder Johnsen from Holiday, Utah. He has one less transfer than me. I realized that basically everyone has less time than me. He´s a good worker. He´s very untouched by the world and innocent too. That´s all I´ll say for now.

Well more people seem to be disappearing so we´re back to the beloved streets again. Amongst the grumpy, hurried masses we´ve found some nice people. Including a man from Paraguay who was really chill. Although we already have some nice people to teach as well.

And on random news, my old companion Elder Weeks (from my second transfer in Villalba) just got transferred here to Carabanchel.

Well I have no more news for the week. Please pray for me a lot. I miss you all a lot and love you loads!

Os quiero mucho,
Elder Morgan

Monday, April 13, 2015

Beloved Transfers

When we went to the temple this week I saw a group of tourists being lead by a tour guide standing across the street from the temple. They were all looking at the temple and the tour guide had a paper with a picture of the temple and info so I assume that our temple is part of some tours of Madrid. Weird. We went to the temple last week and Elder Helske asked to hear it in Finnish so that we could see the old video. I love that one so much!

Ya... Transfers came again. I strongly dislike them sometimes. I get really attached to people and places and transfers just ruin that. Elder Helske will be home tomorrow and now my companion is Elder Johnsen from Holiday, Utah. I haven´t got to know him much, though. Well, I still have this awful drained, crappy feeling of transfers lingering within me, so this won´t be too long of an email.

We made cinnamon rolls! We went to a members house and I made biscuit cinnamon rolls while my companion made Finnish cinnamon rolls. They´re more like actual rolls to eat with dinner but sweeter and they have cardamom in them. They were pretty good.

That´s all. Not really too exciting of a week. I miss you all and love you loads!

-Elder Morgan

Monday, April 6, 2015


Well, we have had an interesting week of bathing. Our water heater doesn´t work anymore and our dueño (Owner? No idea what it is in English) has been on vacation for Holy Week. Oddly enough, our gas stove still works so every morning we´ve boiled a big pot of water and mixed with our arctic water in tubs and used a small pot to pour it on ourselves. My companion tried to use the shower normally but he started entering hypothermia so we decided it was not the best course of action. Also, I shower while listening to a group called The Lower Lights that sings the hymns a bit more upbeat and folk-ish. My companion also has a recording of Mumford and Sons singing Come Thou Fount. The music plus the style of bathing makes me feel really old school. Hopefully our dueño will be back today and we will enjoy warm showers and actually clean dishes.

My companion made Nakkikeito at a member´s house. We call it "Sopa Matarusos" or "Russian Killer Soup." Because it was used in the Winter War during WWII to basically lead starving, freezing Russian soldiers into a trap. Sad story. Good soup.

Conference was great. It seemed to go really fast, though. No idea why. It just flew by so fast. Also it was quite interesting to realize that it´s the last conference for me in the mission. When I heard that they were making a temple in Thailand I knew that Tony, Riley, Tessa, the Linthaleths, and the Mormon population of Thailand would be flipping a biscuit. I bet it will look so cool! They always try to style it after local architecture so it should be cool.  Between sessions the cowboy elders were showing people how to lasso with a rope they brought and the victim was a poor stool from the hallway. It was pretty entertaining. 

We went out to that little city, Boadilla, again and among the people we found, we found the member family that the others had found last week that just didn´t know where the chapel was! Also, the guy from the family who we found was contacted by the member we brought with us which was a good experience for her. We got to go in their house and meet them and bless their home since they just moved there. Fun experience.

Also, us missionaries are enjoying the Warheads and I have some nice videos of poor members who did not realize the extent that sourness could reach.

Well I actually am sick and actually lost my voice which makes mission work interesting. Especially contacting. I woke up sounding like Christian Bale as Batman a few days ago. So of course I quoted every line I could remember. On the plus side, I have been able to sing lower and sing bass notes louder in my time of illness.

I didn´t hear the "No!" during the sustainings in Conference but I went back and heard it. That was quite interesting. Haters gonna hate.

I love you all! See you later!

Os quiero,
Elder Morgan