Monday, September 29, 2014


Oh ya, I forgot to mention that Madrileño means someone from Madrid. Although the suffixes change a lot. A Spaniard is "Español", someone from La Mancha (Like Don Quijote) is Manchego, from Villalba is Villalbino (Although I´ve others as well), from Madrid is Madrileño, and many more. There are some repeats but there´s quite the variety.

I met a family from the other ward in our chapel who are Americans who are here because the dad works for Eli Lily (I think that´s how you spell it.) And I thought that was cool. Apparently there´s 3 offices: Indiana (Yeah!), England, and Spain.

Tell Uncle Paul I fell bad for him that he had to learn Finnish. It´s awful from what I´ve learned. You have to conjugate nouns. And it´s just not related to any other language except something like Estonian.

I have not touched a bus or train this in this area. We only use metro and shoes. But there´s tons of metro here so we can get around pretty well. I´ve always been tempted to rent a bike from these little bike stations but then I choose not to. Also, I´ve been on the same train line my whole mission. There´s a train line that starts in a place called Guadalajara that passes through Torrejón and all the cities in that area, then it goes through Vallecas/Barrio 8, then it goes into Barrio 5 (Where I am right now), and then heads up to Villalba and all its surrounding towns.

Once again one of my favorite converts got baptized 2 weeks after I leave the area. His name is Ismael and we call him Isma, just like Yzma from the Emperor´s New Groove. I´m sad to miss his baptism and his sister should be baptized soon as well.

I got to go to the temple! It was really nice to go again. It was weird to watch it with much more knowledge of Spanish. Although we had to be there at 7:30 AM. It was worth it. And on our way out we met a sister missionary who was finishing--from the Malaga mission--and was going around Spain with her parents. Her name was Sister Anderson if anyone knows her.

After the temple I got my letters which were a couple wedding announcements (Cool!) and letters from my Sunday school class! Tell them that, yes, I know Ryan Fonseca. And that I miss the muffins. And I suppose I miss them too. Just kidding. Yes I do really miss my classmates.

Ya, I spoke in Sacrament meeting when I came but they don´t usually have missionaries do that here much.

I´ve changed from baker to healer/anointer/blessing person. The sister missionaries had a lot of blessings for us to give last week and no one else answered their calls so we always did it. But we got to do service which was nice.

And lastly there´s a senior couple with the last name Sullivan who are leaving soon. Both sang in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir so they gave a musical devotional farewell last night. It was pretty epic but also very sad. I recorded some of it but I can't send them over email. They did a lot of songs about going home and farewells. One was "Going Home" from The New World Symphony which was straight up saying goodbye. And they ended with a bunch of hymns. I don´t know how anyone can replace them. Especially Elder Sullivan who would always direct our musical devotionals and basically try to get us to sing like the MoTab. He´d tell us to sing more "vertical" in our mouth and sing "over our heads" and give us very nice examples which we could never attain. He even gave examples for the sister missionaries which was interesting to listen to. And Hermana Sullivan always played with the piano and sassed her husband and made treats. It was good times.

I hope that´s long enough. I love you all and miss you all! Hasta luego!*

Os quiero,
Elder Morgan the Younger

*See you later!

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