Monday, October 27, 2014

Baking Powers

So, transfers. Nothing happened! Huzzah! Not a single person left the district or came in. The only thing that happened is that my companion became district leader. Before the mission I thought mission leadership positions were sought after. They aren´t. Or here at least. It takes so much more work and time that we don´t have. But everyone is very happy that all is the same. Me especially. I had 6 companions in the 6 transfers before this. It´s pretty maddening.

On a random side note, a blessed member of our ward who´s husband works in the American embassy got me a large stash of brown sugar. Oh yeah. I have baking powers again. Hello cinnamon rolls. 

Mom, you would be proud. I had one of those times where my genes from you kick in and I must clean. Our kitchen looks beautiful. I cleaning everything basically including our stove. By the way, we have a gas stove which is a fun experience. Everything heats up very fast. Sometimes too fast but that´s ok. I´m used to it now and no fires have occurred in my time here. Although I had a funny moment when I asked why our oven mitt was burnt and after hearing the story, repeated history by trying to grab something off the stove with the mitt and set it on fire a bit. 

Today we bought pumpkins and carved them! I´ll send pictures another day. It was very laborious but very fun. We all did one except for my companion who didn´t want to. We also had a farewell for a sister missionary we knew who finished the mission. And we played some games.

Hooray for Kara! What am I now? A second uncle? Double uncle? No idea. Still is exciting, though. I wish I could´ve been there. She´ll be pretty old once I get there. Which is also very close. It´s scary that it´s almost November. Time does fly by. Everyone was right when they said the second half of the mission is much faster. 

Umm... not much else to tell. It´s been a less successful week but they happen. It should be better from now on. Thanks for all the letters! Love you all! Miss you loads!

Os quiero,
Elder Morgan the Younger

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