Monday, October 20, 2014

Out of the Bubble

Well apparently we are rising out of the cold, sadly enough. It´s back to short sleeves and windows open at nights. I like wearing winter clothing too. And I finally have a companion who is chill with it. I suppose I can bear a bit more summer.

So I guess they informed you about Ebola. I wasn´t going to because I think it is the worst idea to write about a deadly disease nearby. But the figurative beans are spilt. Ya, that was a bit interesting to hear of Ebola getting so close. But that's why we have quarantine. Now whenever anyone gets sick, everyone joking says, "It´s Ebola!" 

We made the mistake of being in a neighborhood called Chueca on a Friday night. Just so you all know, we have Chueca in our area which is the gay capital of Spain. We generally try to avoid it at night but we accidentally headed that way looking for a house. I saw things I want to unsee. Grody. Although during the day it´s fine and theirs a bajillion clothing shops and shoe shops (of course). I have been exposed to so much of the world here and I definitely like the Utah bubble better. And apparently everyone´s voices go lower during the mission here because of all the smoke everywhere.

We had a free morning so we officially contacted the whole length of our area from Cuatro Caminos (The north end by the church) to Legazpi (the south end). It took us about 3 hours and we made a few detours to avoid too busy streets. And as a result we got quite a few references, as would be expected.

Umm... not much else to tell. I´ll send pictures and since pictures are worth a thousand words this will be long.

Love you all!

Os quiero!

 Elder Morgan

The main train station called Chamartín. It´s where basically everyone goes for transfers.
Here is when we got a false reference which turned out to be the Finnish Embassy which was a funny coincidence

My Finnish Companion -- Elder Alhovuori

Nice looking street in Barrio 5

A clever shirt from a Mexican member

The nice looking Metro we usually take

And  a cleverly named restaurant (Tómate/Tomate un respiro. Take a breath).

Older photo from Villalba -- his district
Train station from his last area -- Villalba

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