Monday, June 30, 2014

The Street Life

I don´t have much time so this is going to be kinda short.

Yes, my companion´s mom is on the Missionary Mom thingamajig. I knew the the pictures from my British mum would make you happy, Mom. I´m still trying to find a camera cable. The problem is that even I wanted to take it straight off the card, I can´t because it´s a "Sony Memory Stick" which is thinner and weird and not an SD card.

(From Daniel's Mom): More photos from his "British Mum," Sister Lobaco. They seem to have the Missionaries--more than one set--over for dinner and games every Sunday evening, and she is sweet enough to send me pictures every week. She did want to say that they aren't allowed to have the missionaries over unless they have an investigator with them.

Investigators! Well, Ismael and his sister are pretty boss but their parents won´t let them be baptized because they´re afraid they´ll leave the church later in their lives. It´s frustrating. The parents know the church is good for their kids but they still have that idea. Thre´s another nice lady and her 2 kids but they just want to be 100% sure which is good, but also will take a long time and that´s hard to reach as an investigator sometimes. 

I´m excited to hear about mission calls! Have you checked my Facebook recently for those? I haven´t heard many for a while. Yes, we are proudly supporting the USA from a third person view. I hope we go far this year!

A quick funny story! We were knocking doors and heard a guy look through the peephole, walk away, and flick a switch. Right after that we heard a low quality recording of a dog barking and then a flick to turn it off. Then he turned it on a couple more times for good measure. We started leaving (whilst laughing quietly) but I rang the doorbell again just so he´d play it more.

I have a few more little things to write but there´s not much time. Mostly I´m just in the streets most of the day. Love you all!

Os quiero,
Elder Morgan the Younger

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