Monday, June 16, 2014

Hold On!

I have to admit that I have failed at writing for the last two weeks in my journal but now I have! Now  I remember more random jazz.

First off, turns out my companion is a convert of about 2 years now. He never told me until a few days ago. He got baptized a couple years ago and left when he had a year in the church for his mission. But he essentially was raised as a dry member (not wet by the waters of baptism) all his teenage years. I don´t know if that´s a term at home. There´s lots of that here. Like an "eternigator" is an eternal investigator as in those people who have investigated for a LONG time and probably won´t ever finish investigating. Although I know for a fact that is only a mission term. 

Random news! I just noticed the grocery store paid me back with a penny from England. It´s not that exciting, but at the same time it is. Although it´s weird that I´ve gotten so used to the Euro. I like having coins for 50 cents and a euro and 2 euros. We need more of that in America. Although the bills are weird. I still have a $20 in my wallet for my first American meal in Atlanta on my way back and it looks so long compared to the Euros. 

Spain is pretty bummed about their loss in the World Cup. It was a very quiet morning after their loss. And whenever we´re at somebody´s house the TV is on the news which is still about Spain´s loss. Did the paper have a guy in bright green kneeling down? That picture is everywhere now for news about the loss. All the bars have TVs or projectors outside so whenever we´re outside we get to glance at the score and the countries. And everyone tells us the final scores. It seems to be the only thing to talk about here. I´m excited to hear about how America does but I´ve heard that we´ll probably have to face Germany soon which will be scary.

I think I mentioned that there are a lot of Muslims here. Because of that, we talk to a lot of Muslims and have a lot of them as friends, although we usually can´t teach. Anyways, we were talking to our friend named Achmed (who was dressed in his boss Muslim dress to go pray in the mosque) and a Spanish man walked by and stopped and said "Wow. I never thought I´d see two Mormons and a Muslim together." and continued to tell us how amazed he was. And when we stopped talking to Achmed another man thought we were trying to argue with Achmed and we couldn´t convince him so he said to us "The Moor was very difficult?" which is kind of not nice to say and weird but that´s Spaniards for you a lot of the time. They are kind of racist. But it´s fun to be in a city with so many Muslims and see their culture. Hopefully I can get a Qu´ran soon. I´ve always wanted to get one just for fun and the problem is that you can´t buy one. They can only be given and so I´m waiting for one in English from one of our friends. 

The work continues at it´s own pace but it seems like it´ll get a lot better soon. Not much news there.

It´s weird reading about Wesley going home. That´ll be me in almost a year. I remember talking in the MTC about the World Cup being our half way mark and a year away but it´s already here! Weird! This last transfer has been pretty fast too. It´s like riding a sled and you can´t really do much about it speeding up except hold on. I love you guys a lot and I´ll write more next week!

Os quiero,
Elder Morgan

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