Monday, June 23, 2014

We have iPads now!

No, we do not have iPads. I just wrote the iPad thing at the bottom (of his last email) for kicks and giggles and to hear reactions. I wish it was true. I guess I shouldn´t deceive people as a missionary. I´ll be dodging lightning bolts after writing this.

Yes, we already heard about Portugal and the States. We hear it from people right after each game and from missionaries the next morning. We can´t watch it so whatever info we get spreads fast. So we get to enjoy the world cup vicariously through the rest of the world. We´re still cheering for you America!

Well transfers came and I´m still here just as expected, but President took out every senior companion in our district (5 in total) and so all of us left have like a transfer in our area except one Elder who just finished his training here. So we´re in quite the fun situation. We´ll see how this goes.

New Companion Elder Weeks
But, my new companion seems nice. He´s from my same MTC group and I met him briefly. His name is Elder Weeks. He´s from Utah like most of us. More specifically South Jordan And right now in this transfer we´re on that part of the rollercoaster where you start going over the first big hill and you see what kind of rollercoaster it is. Let´s hope there´s no upside down loopdi-loop jazz going on in the future. Although I suppose there are some masochistic people who like those in the not figurative sense. But that is not me so it fits my metaphor. After being on so many rollercoasters I could use a few laps on the merry-go-round. But I only have a year left in this amusement park so I´ll enjoy it while I can.

Not much to report. Just sort of cruising along up here on top of this rollercoaster waiting to see what happens next. Please pray for me to have no big loops!

Os quiero,
-Elder Morgan

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