Monday, June 9, 2014


Well, this has been kind of an uneventful week. What´s there to tell? They set up a medieval market for the weekend and we passed by to see it. It was pretty cool. They had lots of women´s clothing, leather work, food (mostly sausages and meats and breads), jewelry, and random sections of things like herbal remedies for EVERYTHING and they sold bricks of stuff like frankincense and myrrh. And there was cliche medieval Spanish music which I forgot includes bagpipes since the Celts were here.

Elder Fisher visited for a few minutes and he was just like I remembered him. I got to see his family which was cool. His mom took pictures (see above) and will send them so you´ll be happy, Mom. I also got to see Jhony from Torrejón! It´s weird to think that Wesley´s home too. Not much is different for me about that until I get home, though. That´ll be an interesting day. This all makes me think of that more. 

More and more I notice the giant cross from The Valley of the Fallen. It´s a huge cross that they put over this fancy cemetary and they bury important people there like Franco, the guy who was dictator here. It´s not close but if you look at the mountains there´s a giant cross just sticking out of them. 

My companion accidentally led us on a bus ride all the way to Madrid instead of a nearby pueblo so we had a nice hour and a half of riding there and back. And everyone´s mad at him because all the investigators and recent converts of the other missionaries invite him over to do things and like him more sometimes and always want him to baptize them. It´s funny but at the same time they´re getting tired of it. 

Besides that the work is slow here and so we just carry on and try to do our best. It seems like there is a points system and each area is given a number of points to spread around. And the categories are like companions and how the area looks and the ward and the contacting and the apartment and the investigators and so forth. So if the area is very beautiful, the other areas have to have fewer points. If the work is great, the other areas have to have fewer points. So you can have a great looking area with a nice ward but then the work is much harder or a nice looking area with a good amount of work but a terrible ward and companion. For example, Segovia is gorgeous and they have nice missionaries there, but the work is terrible and there is only a branch of 20 people. So my area is more gorgeous here, but the points have to come from the work so it´s not too grand here. 

So it wasn´t too grand of a week again, but hopefully this is the bottom because once you´ve hit rock bottom the only way to go is up, so this next week should be nice. Keep me in your prayers! Love you all!

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