Monday, June 2, 2014

Onward Christian Soldiers

I found a Nicaraguan lady! Her name is Juana and hopefully we´ll teach her this week. She didn´t believe my Nicaraguan ancestry but it was cool to meet her. She´s not from Managua, but she´s from a little pueblo. Although usually I just say that Grandma is Spanish but lived in Central America all her life.

Ya, I wish I could´ve been in Torrejon. Part of our Peruvian family got baptized! Leslie is the mom and Jennifer is the daughter. They´re the people who cancelled their baptismal date a couple months ago. Even though I wasn´t there, they still call me and Elder Fisher their missionaries. Especially me since I taught them for 4 months and only missed 3 weeks before the baptism. I´m happy they made it finally. I´m definitely going to visit for some p-day. The only two left in the family are the 4 year old daughter and the dad who is waiting to see how they go. I really wish I could´ve gone. They´re just a little trip on the same train line as I am but President said no. Apparently he doesn´t let anyone go to other baptisms even if it´s the next area over.  And another friend of my first recent convert, Henry from Nigeria, who I half taught just got baptized too. I´m happy for him too but the other baptism means so much more to me.

Yep, I´m almost on the countdown, but not yet. It´s weird to think Wesley is finishing so soon! Elder Fisher just finished on Saturday. He´s going to visit Villalba some day soon so that´ll be fun. There´s not much news here. It seems the farther north you go the less work there is. Elder Shamsabadi´s old companion is really north and he has absolutely no investigators. Oh! I think I mentioned that we´re teaching a man that is exactly like the man from Up. He´s a short, stout little Spaniard with parted white hair and a cane and huge square glasses. He drives a little tiny European car and he´s living in a house he built with his own hands. He´s just too adorable. I´ll send pictures when I get a cord.

There´s not much to say. It´s been a slow, less joyful week and I really need to be remembered in prayers if you all could. I love you all!

Os quiero,

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