Monday, May 26, 2014


My camera cord remains incognito. My companion´s cord is too modern and we´ll see if the other elders´ cords fit. If not then I´ll hunt down an electronics store that has one. Speaking of which, we passed through what was essentially a Walmart and saw the electronics section which had TV´s and smart phones and computers and had a few moments of joy remembering what decade we actually live in. Also the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams was playing and my companion said that that song should be playing every time a missionary enters an electronics store. And we love that song and we can imagine that it´s been extremely over played and hated now in America.

Elder Shamsabadi! Well he´s actually half Persian. He´s from California so there´s no new culture. I was excited too for a middle eastern companion but that´s not today. He´s pretty happy and energetic. He reminds me a lot of Danny and I think they should meet after the mission. He ends in a year from yesterday. So far so good.

Sickness-wise, I´m getting better. Just some problems getting to sleep. And a foot fungus! Gnarly. Although that can be easily fixed with creams and powders which I now have. But when I get home I really want a doctor, a chiropractor, and a dentist. And like 2 weeks of sleeping. And to hold and use some technology that is modern and American. And many other things.

Before I forget! In our apartment we have a geneolgy of all who have lived there. It goes back a good 10 years or so and almost every name has a picture. So I got to see Elder Shumway, my trainer, and some other Elders I knew. As I was looking down the list I saw a familiar face and name which was Jordan Snowden who´s Heather´s friend! Weird. I could´ve sworn it was a different friend of Heather´s who went on this mission but either way it was pretty funny to see. 

Yes we teach English. It´s just kind of uneventful here. Just normal people who want to learn English, not any crazy people. 

I have 10 months in the mission! I reached that on Saturday. It´s weird. Before I know it I´ll be like my companion who started counting down his time. Weird.

So I actually forgot to bring my journal so I don´t remember much. OH! I went to Segovia on exchanges! It´s an hour and a half on train away through beautiful countryside. By that I mean hills and trees and lakes and everything Madrid lacks. The city was beautiful as always. The only problem is that the rumors are true that the work is rough there. All we could do all day was help an old lady carry her groceries up the stairs and give out a few cards. And we taught English. We received a blessing and a curse of tons of rain because I love that weather but no one else does and so the streets emptied fast. But it was a good day and I learned stuff. 

And thus ends my memory and energy. I love talking to you guys! Thanks for all your letters and I love you all!

Os quiero,
-Elder Morgan the Younger

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