Monday, March 3, 2014

Fourth Time's the Charm

Brownies in a mug are a hit and they tasted really good. :) Especially since they sell really good cocoa powder here. Thanks for the recipe!

The "Do you want to take me" was supposed to be something along the lines of "Will you talk with us?"-*

Funny story. So, we wake up early to go to a gym nearby for our excercize in the morning every day. Last week we got a call that two girls were calling for us downstairs. Turns out the sister missionaries locked themselves out of their piso without a phone. Thankfully they just had to ask the gym to find the "Two tall americans" and they found us instantly. And on the subject of excercizing, my companion has to look good for home so we do super intense workouts before bed. Hopefully it shows soon. 

There´s a reason we say the field is black and ready to harvest! We just had our third Nigerian baptized! Paul Osaghae! He´s so solid. Thankfully it went much more smoothly and less stressfully than the last time. And even more cool is that he was baptized by the first man we baptized! It took 4 times due to a left hand and a head, but it happened in the end. Paul´s pretty happy and more solid than ever. I love these people!

They´re doing a Mission Tour where a general authority visits around the mission and does many things like giving a talk. We got to hear from Elder Teixera (from Portugal I believe) who is over Europe. And we heard from President and other people like their wives. It was really good and we learned a lot. We need more of those! Sadly they only happen once a year. 

I got the birthday card. That was wonderful. For the world to know, I received my birthday card which was a cow orchestra. It starts with the orchestra warm up and then you can press buttons which are 5 different notes of cows mooing. They also give you music and, to quote the card, plenty of "udder-ly" terrible puns. It made me very happy. Thank you. 

On the food section, I have an assignment and a story. You all (Including my illustrious brother) must find a store that sells Pandebono. It´s delicious columbian cheese bread and I´ve eaten it many times here. It´s really good. I also remember Wesley talking about something called an alfajor (something like that) and we found some here and ate them and enjoyed them. And yesterday we made arepas which are like really thick corn tortillas fried in a mountain of oil. That, combined with the really rich hot chocolate of Spain almost killed me, but I deliciously survived. I think my stomach is still lined with grease and chocolate. I have many things to cook for you guys when I get back! The hard recipes, though, are those which are just "a lot of this" and "add some of this" but I´ll try to get them.

Well I´m off to preach the gospel and go eat! Sorry if I forgot to write something! Tell me if I did! I miss you all loads like always and love you all like always! I hope you´re all doing well!

Os quiero,
Elder Morgan the Younger

Some random photos I got from Elder Fisher's mom:

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