Monday, March 31, 2014


I´m staying! I was happy to stay, but it´s still sad because it´s not the same Torrejón that I knew. Everyone who was here at the beginning is gone now. We had a good group. It´ll be different here, but it´ll still be nice. The members are still here. My new companion is Elder Bybee. He was in my MTC group. I´ve known him for about 3 hours so I don´t have much to report. He seems pretty chill and nice so far.

President Jackson apparently just likes to join in on lessons when he has time. Hermana Jackson joined the sister missionaries too.

My butterscotch brownies came out well! I even broke a few people´s diets with the tempation of them. They tasted really good. They´re another food that leaves you with that delicious sick feeling when you´ve eaten something really good and rich. And they don´t really drink milk here so it was much more powerful without that help. Ya, I´m always open to recipes. I learned how to make a dish called "seco de pollo" (dry of chicken?) which actually is very juicy and I want to make it at home. And I had a really good Spanish dish called cocido (pronounced koh-thee-doh) and I think you guys should try to find a recipe or a restaurant to have it.

Ya, I´ve seen lots of little miracles here. They´re pretty great. You can find lots if you are looking for them. If you look for the bad side of things you´ll find plenty and if you look for the good side of things you´ll find plenty also.

Last week the sister missionaries joined us at the gym and it was pretty funny sometimes. One was doing the bench press and was struggling and couldn´t lift the bar and her companion who was "spotting her" had her arms folded and was gazing off at nothing. So we had to run and save her a bit.

For the ward family home evening we had a pretty cool lesson. A sister offered a donut to everyone and for every person my companion had to do 10 pushups if they wanted the donut or not. It´s a cool lesson on the atonement. He did something like 250 pushups. 

The husband of Juliet, the African woman we baptized, wants to be baptized. He actually asked how long it takes to get to baptism and said he wants to do it faster than his wife which was about 3 weeks. Wow. I confirmed Raquel, the Spanish woman which was really interesting to do in Spanish but it was exciting. Now she´s officially a member of the church! We can relax and be happier now. Time to go find more Spaniards!

We had a culture night! We represented the USA and Mexico and made delicious food and the sisters clogged with normal shoes which was odd but still cool. There was a lot of interesting food and a couple dances and a like remake of an Ecuadorian sitcom. It was a really fun night and people enjoyed it.

I´m always happy with time cruising along until transfers come and then I want it to slow down a lot the last few days, but it doesn´t. These last few days were fun but sad that things were going to change. But things have changed for the better too. I´m kind of excited to see how it goes.

I miss you all and love you loads! I hope you´re all doing well! We´ll pray for you guys!
-Elder Morgan the Younger

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