Monday, March 24, 2014


Yep, the ominous transfers are coming up in a week. They´re like a twisted Christmas. You might get a present, and you might not get a present and you might enjoy or hate one of the options. It´s about 50/50 here so we´re waiting to see what happens!

The bus company went on strike for a while and I got blisters which are a wonderful combo, but it´s over. We really need to have something like a little Smart car or a Fiat 500 to drive around. Especially since we have pueblos to go to.

President Jackson joined us in a lesson! We called us about two hours before and asked us if we had a lesson that he could come to with us. We were a bit nervous but it came out well. Although we weren´t sure if we should use him as a missionary or a member. The lady we taught was a nice little Columbian lady we met on the street. 

Last night while getting ready for bed you could hear when Madrid scored a goal against Barça because the everyone in the bars nearby screamed "GOOOOOOOLLLLLL!!!" and screamed for a minute after. We had a similar moment! Our glorious Spanish investigator, Raquel, was baptized after teaching her since when I got here! It´s been about 4 months and it´s finally paid off! It feels really nice and we can relax a moment. Although this is somewhat of a secret because her family is split, like the rest of Spain, between being extremely Atheist or fervently Catholic. So if you meet any Spaniards don´t mention this! If anyone´s counting baptisms we say Spaniards count as like 10 normal ones, just so you know. If Spain didn´t have Africans or Latinos it would be one of the hardest missions in the world.
Raquel is the redhead on the right

I searched out the rumors and discovered real brown sugar! So I´m going to make butterscotch brownies to celebrate with the baptism!  

Our other Spanish investigator put in his papers for marraige and got a French bulldog puppy! Both are good things!

Gotta go! Love you all! Miss you loads! Hopefully I´ll have more time and have written more in my journal! I´m kind of failing! Hasta luego!

-Elder Morgan the Younger

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