Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Ooh, I would have loved to go to Disneyworld. Although I´ve been walking plenty enough so maybe not. Yes, I am bummed that I couldn´t go but I was expecting for you guys to do fun jazz while I´m gone. I can´t expect life to stop for two years. Although that would be convenient. I haven´t reached that level of power in the priesthood yet. 

I heard my favorite reason for why the Catholic church is true and ours isn´t. A man told us last week that the Catholic church was true because there are more people in it and that apparently is solid evidence. He ignored us talking about authority and stuff.

March 11 was the anniversary of some accident. The statue outside the train station was surrounded by candles and bunches of flowers put there by people. No idea what it was, though. 

The members were watching the news and there was some wave of like a thousand Africans hopping a fence to get to Spain. Or I guess the strait of Gibraltar to Spain. It was freaky looking. They went in a giant army and swarmed it like some zombie apocalypse film. 

During a lesson an investigator said she was having a hard time accepting the Book of Mormon as well as the bible. She said all her life she had been taught, "Bible! Bible! Bible!" and right then me and my companion looked at each other and smiled and we flipped to the "A Bible! A Bible! We have a Bible!" scripture. I believe it´s in 2 Nephi 29. It was the perfect situation. 

Last Monday I obviously went to Segovia! It´s such a wonderful city. And it was a much more fun trip this time. We had a car, we had people we wanted to be with, we made sandwiches in front of the castle, we had native Spanish speakers with us, and I actually can speak Spanish now.
On Friday there was a talent show! We, the missionaries, and some ward members did the Cotton-eyed Joe dance.
There were a lot of good talents even though some were purposefully ridiculous. Some of our friends did a really good skit I had seen before on youtube. It has a girl in white dancing with a man representing Jesus. There are 4 other people who represent bad things of the world that get between her and Jesus and won´t let her get back and make her feel terrible but Jesus rushes in an pushes them all away. It´s good.  Mom, I think you can find it on Jhony's FB page.

It´s getting pretty hot here. It reached the equivalent of 88 degrees here. I´m used to that not coming until June and it´s deathly. Hopefully it goes back down. I miss my beloved snow. Maybe the heat´s making me tired. No idea. Either way I´m hopefully going to be able to rest. I miss you all a lot and love you even more! Have a great week!

Os quiero,
-Elder Morgan the Younger

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