Monday, March 10, 2014

Doctrine and Covenants 116

So, storytime. We went to Segovia today with people from the ward! And this time I had the camera charged! Turns out, we partially lost the car and people who aren´t missionaries walk very slow. I suppose "normal" but it seems so slow to us. After that their GPS was all funky and led us on the weirdest trip through Madrid and we got lost-ish. Eventually we got home, and had a boss lesson. After all that, I´m finally here a bit late. I have to go, but this is just so you know I am alive and so you don´t worry. This will be the D&C 116 of my novel of letters in the mission. At least I think it´s D&C 116 that´s super dang tiny. Now you can actually read the whole email in one go. Umm... I can´t remember anything life changing that happened this week. Some people gaining testimonies! Videos work like a charm sometimes. Thank you whoever made the 3rd disc of the D&C DVD collection.

Here´s a second paragraph so this looks a bit longer and so everyone feels better. Sadly the tab key doesn´t work to add to the nice paragraph effect. I´ll do that in my book! Exciting. Sadly, I must go. I love you all and and miss you loads!

Os quiero,
-Elder Morgan the Younger

Mom speaking:  Since this is such a short email, I'll include some of the photos I've been getting the past few weeks from Facebook and his companion's mother. The outside photos are taken at Parque Europa and include ward members and an investigator.

All the Torrejon missionaries

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