Monday, February 24, 2014

The Field is Black and Ready to Harvest

Ooh. I do like the word epistles (Mom called my letters that). From henceforth my dang long emails shall be called epistles. Today will be a bit normal sized-ish. 

Yes, I´m happy to stay in my area. I love the ward and the investigators. I have a lot of friends here now that I will have to visit another day and some are actually going to America. 

Well last Monday we went to Parque Europa in Torrejón which is a big park with big replicas of monuments from around Europe. Everyone takes photos at the Eiffel Tower. Sadly it was getting dark when we went so I couldn´t take photos, but we´re for sure going another day and I´ll get photos then. 

The booth finally worked! It´s just a table and posters in front of our chapel and we contact people near it. It was cloudly like every Tuesday (Always Tuesday. Literally) but there was no wind or rain so we got to do it finally. It wasn´t so golden with the weather but we found some people. Mostly we were excited to finally do it.

We went to the temple again! It´s a beautiful building. I wish we could have more time to stay there. I never get tired of the temple. It´s cool to hear everything in Spanish too and now I can understand much better. It´s definitely a place I´m visiting again after the mission.

Our African investigators and recent converts are boss still. We talked to Juliet, the woman we just baptized, about member missionary work and she had already invited a friend to listen. We can definitely feel the shockwave from the explosion of baptism in Africa. Maybe it has some effect here too. We now like to say, "The field is black and ready to harvest." We´re going to start an English branch here or something. They are just such an open people and good at member missionary work.

Our investigators are pretty good. Just lazy sometimes. I feel like a lesson to be learned here is lots of patience. With investigators and my companion and members and overall. I´m coming out of this city very, very, patient. But we´re doing well here. The ward says the haven´t had this much success in a while. Hopefully we´ll continue that success this transfer too. There are certain investigators that we will celebrate very much when they are baptized because we have done so much work for them. I hope everyone gets baptized before I move on.

Here´s the food paragraph! I helped make empanadas and they were delicious and fun. They have perfect little empanada molds. Also I learned how to prepare whole shrimp. I was mostly in charge of ripping heads off and it felt a bit gruesome but it was fun. And shrimps are the perfect way to scare people. They look creepy. A paratrooper in our ward gave us some military rations that expire next November that the army was going to throw out. Each meal comes with a cheap foldable stove, energy tablets, purification tablets, Vitamin C, and basically a small survival kit of a bajillion things. And since we´re in Spain they always have to have bread at meals so the army has bread crackers. We had a nerd moment because they look exactly like the elf bread from LoTR and fill you up and come in green packages.

We had a missonary activity in the ward with the youth! It went really well. They got to practice a lot and get excited about mission work. They even went out into the street and contacted real people. They were so excited when they came back. And they had the option to practice contacting in English and we heard some really funny phrases like "I am The Church of Jesus Christ..." and "You want to take me?" and put them in thick accents. But it came out well and everyone had fun. 

Well I´m in somewhat of a hurry today so I´m going to end. I´ll write everyone I didn´t respond to next week. I love you all and miss you all! Have a great week!

-Elder Morgan the Younger

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