Monday, August 4, 2014

Matthew 18:16

Well the scripture that is the title is a hint to the news about transfers. We took one more with us and we are now a trio in Villalba! Elder Muller left for the islands and Elder Sargent is with us and we make a trio. This´ll be fun! Most people say they don´t like trios but I´m excited for it. So we´re going to be moving a lot of stuff to the apartment upstairs so today we have a lot to do and this will be short-ish. Although it´s very possible that we go back into 2 companionships next transfer. This year´s equivalent of my group hits the field next transfer so it´ll be interesting. We´ll see what happens.

My new companion is Elder Sargent from Fruit Heights. He´s 20 and really nice. We actually scared the heck out of him the other day by hiding and then setting the piano to play a song automatically and jumped from hiding when he walked into the room. But this should be a pretty nice transfer.

An investigator that we´ve taught two lessons to has already asked us if he can join us on lessons to help teach. Dang. A kid here just got called to Finland on his mission but it´s ok because he´s half Finnish. And the ward is nice as usual. And I have a whole area´s worth of new investigators to meet and teach so it´ll be fun.

Forgive me Mom, for I have sinned. In all this fun transfer jazz I didn´t bring my hard drive or camera with me so I can´t do photos this week. I´ll probably get them to you next week. Elder Shamsabadi got a camera from his family that has Wifi so it sends photos automatically home. But you´ll just have to rely on your forgetful son. 

I can´t stare at a screen too long anyways. I´m getting a headache. I gots to go move! I love you all and I´ll see you later!

Os quiero,
Elder Morgan the Younger

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