Monday, August 25, 2014

Leaving the 99

Well it seems like the JW´s are back in action. They´ve been visiting a lot of people including our ward and investigators. They have weird magazines. I´ve never seen one before. And it took me the longest time to realize that "La Atalaya" was "The Watchtower." Thankfully our peeps are boss so all is well.

I almost had an epic story but I´ll just tell the potential story. We were searching for a less active member in the edges of Villalba. I felt very much like a shepherd looking for the 1 and leaving the 99 because it was mud paths and a river and lots of open ground since this was all off the map. Every person out there has a huge dog, but behind the fence and on a leash. On our way back to civilization I turned the corner to see a large German Shepherd about 50 feet away without a leash or fence in a position to start running at us. It all registered very fast in my head and I started booking it. I was ahead so my companion didn´t see it and asked why I started running and I explained why and he thought I was joking (Ya, we mess with each other a lot) so I invited him to check if he so desired but he didn´t feel that brave so we booked it away. Thankfully the dog didn´t have enough much interest in us to follow us all the way back to Villalba or else we would have been literally dead meat.

A bunch of missionaries left this last Friday to get to school on time. It was really sad to say goodbye. One of them was also Hermana Manner from Villalba so we had sad farewells here. She reminded me that before I realized it, I would be the one crying in district meeting while we all sing #89 ("Para Siempre Dios Esté Con Vos" or for us "God Be With You ´Til We Meet Again"). Scary thought.

The bakery continues as I will now make brownies for a less actives surprise birthday party. And recently today I became the computer guy here at the locutorio (internet café). Some beloved adults who needed help asked for my help with Word and email and whatnot. Don´t let people know that you know computers well either. They swarm. Not really, but sort of. I´m a bit dramatic. Anyways, it made me nostalgic for helping Mom at home with stuff.

At last the furnace fire is decreasing and we´re getting clouds and a bit of rain and it actually gets a bit chilly in the middle of the night! Huzzah! My favorite seasons of fall and winter are back in style! Bring on the cold!

Os quiero,
Elder Morgan the Younger

I think his companion, Elder Sargent,  is the Elder on the left in the first picture, and in the last picture. But since he has yet to send me a recent photo, I am guessing. (These photos are from Sis. Lobaco in his ward who sometimes sends me a photo on Facebook--but not usually with captions. I am grateful to get to see his smiling face since he is pretty inconsistent with sending photos. )

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