Monday, August 18, 2014

Elder Morgan's Bakery

So I am with Elder Sargent from Fruit Heights, Utah. He grew up with 4 sisters so he´s really chill and nice, although a bit too nice. He rarely voices his opinion but we´re making him more bold. He´s like 6' 2" and I´ll send pictures later. We live in the same building, just on the 4th floor, not the 3rd floor. We all work in the same geographical area, just not the same investigators. What usually happens in this mission outside of Madrid is that we have our main city and other smaller cities and pueblos. Like when I was in Torrejón there was a couple cities mashed together called San Fernando and Coslada and they were part of our area and we had pueblos all the way up to the airport and some about two hours south of us. So we generally try to work in other cities too, but usually we work the most in the main city.

Yes, a large batch was lots of mugs. Snickerdoodles in a mug?! Yes, I do want that recipe. By the way, Snickerdoodle is a really funny word to get people to say here because they can barely say the small English words. So I became a bakery this week. On Wednesday we baked brownies for the sister missionaries (because we felt bad that a member made them cook for us at their house. It´s just latin culture that the men chill out while the women work in the kitchen but the sisters were not happy with the experience. And trust me, we tried to avoid it but this was a sweet old lady who was very firm on them cooking.), then we made brownies for a recent convert´s birthday on Friday and then the sisters asked us to make brownies for the baptism on Saturday and people are still asking me for distant future catering. Dang. Don´t tell people that you can bake.

I really miss Chris. I cannot wait to return to see my siblings' posterity.

We remain with the infamous Nokia phone that is indestructable. They are just a small screen and 12 buttons and can barely text. Not even a flip phone. But on the plus side they can basically survive a nuclear blast. When we get more technology, I´ll will definitely be telling you all about it. Trust me, we´ve been waiting anxiously for a while. 

Well one of the less actives we are teaching got sent to jail (yes, awkward) and guess who he wanted to call for his one call? He wanted to call us to tell us he couldn´t make it to the lesson we had scheduled that night. I love him so much. Sadly he didn´t have our number with him. But we was only in for one night, though.

Umm... There were other things that I meant to tell you but I wrote them down and forgot to bring them! It´s because we´re going to Madrid to play volleyball and say goodbye to a lot of missionaries. I gotta go but I love you and and miss you loads! Stay strong!

Os quiero,
Elder Morgan the Younger

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