Monday, May 19, 2014

Summer Shorts again even though it's a bit chilly here‏

I´m sick so this will be a short-ish email.

Well, Torrejón is gone for now. I hope to return for some p-day or baptism or something. I´ll really miss that area. But everyone says that Villalba is awesome so I´m excited. Our apartment could almost fit in our living room in Torrejón, so that´s a bit of an adjustment. The ward seems nice. There´s lots more Spaniards in it. And a few Scottish people! Mercifully it´s a bit colder here and in all of Spain recently. The streets are kind of scary to put together and remember. Although we don´t work as far out as we did in Torrejón. My companion´s pretty nice. And all the other missionaries.

We teach a sweet little old Spanish man who looks so much like the man from Up. Some lady at an English school offered us jobs as teachers. You can get free Qurans here and it´s pretty interesting to read. They even have some nice anti Christian guides in the back, although it mostly against Catholic doctrine like the Trinity and the JST fixed a lot of the flaws they pointed out and they end each "victory" with words like "Allah is above such blasphemy. Praise be to Allah!" and cute things like that. And there´s more jazz to explain later. And that Muslim man who fought with us in Torrejón? He lives here. The elders were almost about to meet with him but then I came. There are a lot of Muslims here. Speaking of other religions, we got invited to the First Communion of our investigator´s daughter. That´s also a story for another time.

I had a suprisingly delicious soup made with cow innards. The Scottish family made me try Marmite which is pretty strong stuff. It tastes like when I chewed the vitamin pills. Grody. We just came back from a gorgeous city called El Escorial! I´ll write more next week too. I´m just so tired and gross feeling. I love you all! Miss you loads!

Os quiero,

Elder Morgan the Younger

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