Monday, May 5, 2014

Furnace of Affliction

Mom: You had Inca Cola! I love that stuff! It tastes like bubble gum. We usually drink the knock off brand called Andin´s Crystal (I think that´s what it is called). They also probably had Postobon brand sodas and Guaraná. I didn´t think you could get that stuff there! I´m excited to go explore Utah for Latino stores and hopefully a Spanish store.

To my beloved English teachers, the unknown orator of last week´s quote was Clinton Duffy who was warden of San Quentin Prison (thanks, Mom). My photo now leaves the wanted list and the price on my head leaves with it. That was a close one. 

Random paragraph time! Brace yourselves. My journal lives to fight many more days. I won´t need one until fall. Maybe it could come in a surprise fall package for a certain beloved missionary in Spain? Who knows. I would kill for barely Spring like weather today. The furnace of affliction in 1 Nephi 20:10 is becoming all too literal with how hot it´s getting here already. At least I´ll be refined. I miss cold weather that lasts until May and June. Through some techonlogical wizardry we have set our ringtone as the music from the Shire in LoTR and it makes me so happy every time someone calls. Sometimes we just sit and listen before we pick up the phone. It´s wonderful. Life is much better because I had all my pants repaired! I know I should be all self sufficient and learn how to do it on my own, but some of the holes were huge. Madrid played against Munich for the second time. We were walking in the middle of nowhere but we still heard the first goal in every direction in Spanish surround sound from every bar in the city. 

Spain has increased in their ridiculousness. Firstly, they have yet another holiday. Because of that holiday the world shut down. One of our investigators had to go to the hospital last week but they said they couldn´t scan her until today becuase that day was the day BEFORE a holiday and they didn´t want to do that on that day. I need to smack someone. And they are making the world change from monthly magnetic tickets (bus passes I, Mom, am presuming) to convenient little cards which is more convenient, but at the same time to change it you have to go to one of 3 spots in central Madrid and to charge it you must go to one specific ATM in Torrejon. Only Spain could make something worse by making it better.

At Zone Meeting we saw the most boss videos ever, one of which supposedly went pretty viral outside of the mormon world. The more famous one is called Because of Him and the other is called something like My Kingdom is Not of This World. They are fantastic. 

We had a day where every single thing failed from lunch to lessons to English classes. All you can really do is laugh or cry so it was pretty funny. One thing I did was remember how to sing one of my favorite songs called "Tomorrow Will Be Kinder." If anyone wants to hear it, look it up on Grooveshark, not Youtube. 

My partner played the part of Satan by offering me the forbidden fruit of a Ferrero Rosche (However you spell that fancy chocolate jazz) while I was fasting and I had absolutely forgotten I was fasting until a minute after I ate it. He offered like him too so we yelled some Garden of Eden quotes at each other and I called him Satan. It was really frustrating but it was also fun. 

We figured out how to make a real game of American football on a small concrete football (soccer) court behind our church. We had to adjust some things, but we got a full game in and it felt wonderful. And the next day one of our investigators taught us rugby. Basketball is quite prevalent here so the only thing we lack is baseball. I´ll have to ask the Dominicans about that one here. 

And here´s a late "May the Fourth be with you." Turns out it doesn´t work in Spanish. "La Fuerza sea contigo" is "May the force be with you" and "El Cuatro de Mayo sea contigo" doesn´t have much in common. Among missionaries we had quite the time saying it. And today we´ll celebrate Cinco de Mayo by making some guacamole, which I love now. And avocados too because we eat those so much! Let´s hope I haven´t forgotten too many holidays here. I have grandpa´s boss airforce tie for Veteran´s Day but I have nothing for the 4th of July to wear, but probably plenty to eat. We´ll see how that goes.

I hope you´re all doing well! I´m glad Danny´s peril* has passed for the most part! I´ll see you guys in a week! Ya, I´ll probably call at 10 AM Utah time. I may be pretty sad too because transfers are revealed Saturday and we think I´ll leave. I love this ward too much! But it´ll be awesome to see the family. Hasta luego!

Os quiero!
-Elder Morgan the Younger

*Elder Morgan's brother-in-law passed all the classes at UVU he needed to in order to get into his Optometry Grad School.

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