Monday, May 12, 2014

Long Time No See!

Well, I just talked to probably most of the people who read this, but here we go! I´m going to Villalba! It´s a city between Madrid and Segovia. It´s in the mountains and mercifully should be a little cooler. My companion will be Elder Shamsabadi. I don´t know much about him, but I´ve heard good things about him. And the area! Both my first two companions, Elder Shumway and Elder Fisher, have served there and loved it! For Brother Corbridge, tell him that Segovia is opened and has a companionship of Elders and one of Sisters.

I loved serving in Torrejón de Ardoz, and I will definitely go back someday! I was there for a quarter of my mission, six months! I´ve left a big family there, but hopefully I´ll still be able to write and stay in contact with everyone. It really stinks to go, but that´s part of the mission, and the future looks good in Villalba too. If only I could have both places.
One last picture from Torrejon. With Elder Fisher and convert Raquel. 
Next week I´ll write from Villalba! I love you all! See you again in half a year on Skype!

-Elder Morgan the Younger

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