Monday, April 28, 2014


Well last week we had to do a far away shopping trip to get to some stores because we all needed stuff and we just got back late. My companion left his sheets in his last area so we had to get those. I bought a memory foam pillow that was imported from the celestial kingdom. I have slept wonder- fully ever since. Although the down side is getting up in the morning is a bit harder, but I fight it.

I did indeed make the cream soda. It took 2 tries, though. The first time our vanilla had gone bad or something so it tasted weird and the vanilla smelled kind of rubbery. But the second time we got good, new vanilla and I added the cream this time. It doesn´t taste like cream soda, but it tastes like a rootbeer float which is good enough for me. And it looks funny because the cream makes it look sketchy, but it´s good. Yes, I have an ever growing recipe book. I´m going to cook delicious things at home. My comp just made baked beans and gave me the recipe so I can have that here!

Easter is huge here, but not at the same time. Holy Week is the holiday. They have a huge parade which giant floats of Jesus in various places, a bunch of people in what we know as purple KKK robes, a few in the same thing but black, and some in black robes carrying crosses behind the floats. And a bajillion candles. Not much else happens. The only other thing we found out is they eat fish all week and make torrijas. Most people forgot that Sunday was Easter.

Henry and Paul, two of the Nigerian converts, gave us a weird bean, seed thing like I said last week. It´s apparently antibiotic and cured my companion overnight. It tastes absolutely horrible and I have a picture of one of the sisters eating it. I´ll send it later. (Sorry about pictures! I´ll send them soon!). They also taught us greetings and farewells in Edo, the native dialect of Nigeria. It makes Nigerians very happy when you speak it and sometimes very shocked. It´s so fun! A very simple one is "azekpe" (Ah-ZEK-pay) which is see you later. They get more complicated like "okhien-vba-azekpe" (We´ll see you later) with weird pronunciations, but I´ll explain those at home. They´re too hard to write.

A real bummer is a mom and a daughter from a Peruvian family were going to be baptized last Saturday but decided not to the weekend before. It´s terribly frustrating especially after working with them for so long, but we can hope for change. I remembered a quote in my first area that I really like. It was some famous guy talking with someone else and the other man said "Leopards can´t change their spots" but the famous guy said "Yes, but I work with men, and men change every day." Great quote. No idea who said it. My English teachers would kill me if they saw me cite that with no info. Sorry Mr. Ellingford and Ms. Young! But it´s a wonderful quote and we are hoping and praying much. 

Not much happened this week that I can remember that I haven´t already said. Oh! I bought a copy of "Don Quijote" from a giant book stand that people set up in the plaza. It´s already like 20 years old and has a cool, fancy hard cover. It looks beautiful. And it was only 10€ since it was old. Dang, I can´t remember much else. Maybe we just had a normal week. Or maybe I´m losing my memory. I feel like that sometimes. Well, I hope I remember to write next week! I love you all and miss you loads!

Os quiero
-Elder Morgan the Younger

*Nigerian (Edo) for "We'll see you later"

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