Monday, July 14, 2014

Monolith Paragraph

Yes, I realized my Revelation mistake (no "s" at the end) once I left. In my defense, I have not read that as the book title for a year. I´ve been reading the title Apocalipsis. And I´m feeling like writing just one, big chunky paragraph. And so it shall be.

We got to celebrate two investigator birthdays in a row! So it was a happy week. And I make snickerdoodles for one which were a hit. Although the process was a bit interesting in a smaller house with not much equipment to bake. Even though I know things I make here could be much better, these people haven´t tried it so I can get away with what I can do here. :) For all they know I´m a master chef. :)  I heard about the games and people showed us clips from the World Cup. Turns out that Germany won against Argentina 1-0 in overtime. And Germany absolutely destroyed Brasil 7-1 last week. The news showed people burning buses and rioting after the loss. Dang. Well it turns out the World Cup wasn´t during my year mark but it was happening during my year-left mark. Speaking of which, I got the package for my year mark! I was happily surprised. I didn´t think I would get a package. I loved it all and I actually still have the funfetti pancake mix so that´ll be the "birthday" cake for me and my companion. We get to celebrate together! So my companion is Elder Weeks from South Jordan Utah. He was in the MTC with me. Although I didn´t see him much since we were 102 people at the end. He´s a good hardworker and enjoys contacting. There´s not anything like being Persian or surfer to relate so that´s why I just put nice because he is. I finally met a Paraguayan (I think that´s the word in English?)! I´ve been waiting to meet one my whole mission but I never have until Saturday. He and his friend came to play soccer when we were there so they played with us. I finally got to mention that my brother was there and a couple of his areas but there wasn´t time for much else because we were playing soccer. We were passing by some old contacts from the former missionaries and I found a couple interesting ones. One was apparently on the fifth floor and it turned out that the address was a one floor house. The other one was impossible to find that day because the road to get there didn´t seem to exist anymore. The part of the wall where it should open up just was just a 20 foot wide diiferent style wall. I was excited to go to my companion and say "There´s a wall there. Trust me." I hope you all know what that´s from.* So in the glorious tradition of having a ridiculous amount of holidays for random things, this is apparently the week of concerts so last night we were serenaded with a violin-cello-bass-guitar band which was actually pretty cool. While listening to it I actually dropped my flip-flop on the optometrist´s sign below on the first floor. So I bent a wire hanger and tied it to our very long clothes line and I got to play flip flop fishing before going to bed which is interesting at that height with a lot of wind. And I went on two exchanges (weird english missionary words!) this week with Elder Brewer from Segovia and one of our beloved zone leaders from Madrid named Elder Iñiguez. And being near the end of the transfer the number of inside jokes increases daily, but they would take too long to explain. Anyways, this is plenty long. See you later! I love you all!

.Elder Morgan

*It's a quote from "The Emperor's New Groove."

Elder Morgan apparently forgot to tell the English family he was bringing a family of four investigators. This is his apology.

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