Monday, July 21, 2014

Day at the Park

I´m saving the one year package for my 1 year mark. Which is in 4 days. Eww. It´s especially weird because most people are younger than me in the mission despite my median age. We´ll have a fun year mark party on Thursday and try to remember all the 40-odd people that were in our group to wish them a happy birthday. And more and more people from my group have trained so the stork is getting closer and closer to me. And today we went to Parque Retiro where we were contacting our 3rd day in Spain almost exactly a year ago and we barely understood anything that was going on. It was very sentimental and nostalgic. Which actually makes me sad so I won´t dwell upon such things.

And today we just had a farewell "party" in Parque Retiro, that giant park in Madrid. We ate food and played sports and talked and did other jazz. It was very simple but pretty great. I also got to see the missionaries from Torrejón and other missionaries that I haven´t seen in a while. It was too bad that it wasn´t longer. 

The old man (Francisco) just always squints. He says he has cataracts because he was a stone cutter so he got stone flecks shot back at him.

Daniel's investigator, Francisco, who looks like the man in "Up"!
There´s not much news here. Nobody loves us in the streets so we´ve become very good friends with our Area Book to find more investigators. We bought a fan! No more sleeping in an oven! And we actually had a bit of glorious rain and clouds. Best. Weather. Ever. 

And I gots to run. The day is ending and I´m still in Madrid (Which is gorgeous). I´ll send more pictures later! I love you all!

Os quiero,
-Elder Morgan the Younger

District from May/June

Beautiful monastery in El Escorial

"pharmacy sign that says it´s dang cold every day"

Beautiful pueblo by Villalba

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