Monday, April 21, 2014

Summer Shorts

Well this email will be as short as the shorts on the people here in summer. That´s pretty dang short. Sorry that I won´t respond to anything! Two of our African recent converts gave us a weird bean/seed thing called bitter cola for our sickness. It is indeed very bitter and healed my companion the next morning. I wasn´t very sick anyways so I didn´t change much. We teach an awesome Dominican man in a bar and we started teaching the other bartender who is a woman from Peru. They couldn´t meet for a lesson, they could just talk (we meet in their bar). After a lesson of just talking, we found out that he´s 39 (looks 27. Maybe I´ll send pictures one day) and he lived in New York for 20 years, speaks English perfectly with a New Yorker accent, he´s married to the woman, and they invited us to eat chicken at their bar anytime (It´s called Mayra´s Chicken). It was weird to discover this suddenly from a man we met a long while ago and it felt like a dream and on my way home the dream feeling was confirmed by people in purple KKK robes and hoods and big floats of Jesus. It was an odd night. I´ll explain more later. We baptized a man last week who is the husband of the recent convert woman from Nigeria that we baptized a few months ago! That´s my week in short! I´ll respond, write more, and make paragraphs next week! I love you and and miss you loads!

-Elder Morgan

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