Monday, February 10, 2014

Toledo and a Baptism!

Ooh, I´m not fluent yet. I´m on my way. I feel like I can survive on my own now, though, and get across what I want to say. 

So! This email will be short. We just went to Toledo which means today was nice and that I have no time. It was awesome! There´s a store right off the plaza that has a bajillion swords and everything. We were like children in a candy store. There was too much to see and too many people but I´ll surely be back another day. I want to buy like a dozen swords but obviously I can´t because apparently the swords and knives in Toledo are mixed with gold or something so they cost a lot. More about Toledo later!

We had a baptism! Juliet, a wonderful woman from Nigeria, got baptized on Saturday! She´s boss and so golden. If the whole world were like her we would baptize everyone by the end of the year. 
Hopefully soon we´ll baptize her husband and kids who we recently met. It was also randomly fun to confirm her because she has an afro and even though it was pulled back it was still poofy. We also had another man who was supposed to come but he has disappeared at this moment and we will search out that little lost lamb after we email. No, the boss lesson with the girl hasn´t resulted in a baptism yet. We even had a boss temple tour with her. She didn´t want to leave the waiting room and my companion served in the temple area so he knew how do give a boss tour. It´s mostly outside but we get to enter the waiting room. She´s still afraid of her parents so all we can do now is fast, pray, and wait.

Sorry this is short! If I had time, I´d write the usual novella. I love you all and will write about everything next week!

Os quiero!
-Elder Morgan the Younger

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