Monday, February 3, 2014

I'm Dreaming of a White Tortilla Day

It snowed! This morning we looked out the window and it was snowing! Yesterday it got to -3ºC (like 26ºF) in the morning so it's finally possible and it was a miracle. It all melted when it hit the ground but it was snow nonetheless. It's a Tortilla Day miracle. Today is a national holiday celebrating the Spanish tortilla and you can get free tortillas in places and they have parties. Spain has a holiday for everything. They enjoy getting off of work and school. It´s kind of messed up that it snows on some random festival of comestibles and not on Christmas, but I´m still happy for a little snow.

Oh, Frozen isn´t out of theaters? Awkward. Ya, usually when people watch stuff it´s a file or off the internet. Hooray for Spanish government! They do great things like all take vacation in August or take a year to let people be married.

Thank you for Moonlight Sonata, Mom! You sent the perfect number of pages. I want to keep it fresh in my memory and also I am attempting to teach a bit to my companion and other people. I´m also learning more hymns when I have time. It´s not too often, but it still happens. Hopefully I´ll be able to play in meetings soon. 

Investigators! I love them all so much. My companion described them like scoring in sports. Here we´re like soccer where you have a few goals but when you get a goal it is amazing. I´m still wondering what to write and what to not write but here is what I´ll write. Our favorite Peruvian family didn´t come to church but we later found out that they were in the hospital and didn´t hate us. They´re fantastic people! We have two Nigerians waiting to be baptized this week and they´re pretty dang solid. One of them is great because she always answers our challenges to obey commandments with a yes like it´s obvious. We have a few more on the way and I´m really excited! I hope I get to stay one more transfer. Yesterday we had a fantastically fantastic lesson with someone who was on the fence about baptism but she got a nice shove to the right side of the fence. The sister missionaries just had a baptism last week! We had lots of people come and it all went marvelously. I had a fantastic day of exchanges with Elder De Los Santos on Wednesday. He´s a boss.

Ah, my Muslim friend. He deserves a decent paragraph. So these two nice Arabic men were walking down the street after us and asked us where they could learn English and so of course we directed them to our English classes and they come and they are great! When that happened, their other Arabic friend saw them and asked us if we believed in the bible and if we would answer some of his questions. When he showed up he asked if he could use a table because he brought a computer. That worried me but we continued but he just wanted to fight. The way he fights is described wonderfully by a phrase used by Riley. Pigeon Fighting. If you play chess with a pigeon, it just knocks over a few pieces, poops on the board and struts around like it has won. This guy was dishing out so much stuff against the Bible but wouldn't listen to our answers. We shared the Article of Faith about the Bible and left him with a Book of Mormon. He came back with an "error" in the Book of Mormon that we had heard before and we tried to read him Moroni´s Promise but it mentions the word Adam so he went back into Genesis again and refused to pray for an answer despite how much we talked about it. It was quite the couple of lessons and there's so much more but you don´t need to hear about it. It was so nuts. Sorry that that was long.

I seem to have a food paragraph always so here it is. We ate some soup called Caldo de Boda* yesterday and we drank juice from a fruit called lulo.** It´s a new month so we get to go grocery shopping again! That´s always exciting.

Sorry that I don´t write as much about the investigators but they´re doing well. I want to write more about them but I don´t. Maybe I´ll make up my mind later. I hope you still enjoy the other stuff as well! We should have lots of exciting news soon! Thanks so much for prayers and letters! I miss you all and love you loads!

Os quiero,
Elder Morgan the Younger

 *Fish Soup
**Lulo is also known as ‘Naranjilla’ or ‘little orange’ and grows on a bush. Lulo is native to the Andes mountains. The fruit has a leather like orange skin covered with a hairy fuzz. The inside looks like green tomato. The flesh has a pineapple-and-lemon taste and contains small, white edible seeds.

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