Monday, January 27, 2014

I Dislike this "H" Key

The American store is close but in the city where we have District meeting. it's like a 7 minute train ride and a 7 minute walk. What I miss most from home is people. The food I miss from home is everything. Yesterday, finally, after a year and a half of waiting, I ate a piece of cake without fruit chunks. They always put fruit in cakes and I miss American cakes. And I miss just about everything I had at home. 

I´m definitely not cold at night since my companion puts his beloved portable heater next to his bed. Maybe my next companion will be someone who can handle a bit of chill. 

One of our investigators scared me to death. She said, "I´ve been having some doubts about the church. I was looking stuff up on the internet..." And in my mind I was thinking, "Noooo!" But thankfully she had just gone to and Wikipedia. I´m really excited for that family. I love so many of our investigators. They´re great but a little hesitant. In a way it´s a good thing because the people who do get baptized here are super solid. I love the Africans because they are so open and accepting and I can see why things are growing in Africa. But everyone is doing really well. I am really excited for all the investigators but maybe that´s partially from me just being extra hopeful about them. I´m still kind of on the fence about telling stories of investigators and still need a better memory. 

I had sort of a sick day so my companion made us lunch which was nice and we made cookies for our investigators. Maybe we can win their hearts through their stomachs. 

On the subject of the kitchen our lightbulb went out but it's some sci-fi ring of power with four prongs so we have yet to find a replacement. I go spelunking in our kitchen with the flashlight I got for Christmas.

We ate at a member's house and they were watching Frozen behind me and apparently I remind them of Oláf the snowman a lot so now they all call me Oláf and always say "Hola! Mi nombre es Oláf. Me encanta los abrazos calientitos." The last sentence translates to something like "I love warm hugs". I don´t know if I remind you of him too. You decide. 

I have a really interesting experience with our new Muslim friend that I´ll have to explain next week because my companion is getting grumpy about how much I´ve been writing people. 

We had some boss English classes and have been perfecting how to teach. It´s going pretty well and we have a lot more people coming. Last time we had 7 times the amount of people we had the first time I was here! But that´s partially because we only had one person when we got here. 

Well in the interest of peace and happiness and whatnot I´ll end now. I´m really excited to tell about the Muslim guy and we´re meeting with him this week too so I´ll probably have more to tell. And pardon me if there are any missing H´s because this key either doesn´t make an H or it does and makes about 20 more or it makes one and comes up really, really, slowly. It´s added about another hour to my writing time. Not really but still has made it much longer.

I´ll try to remember to bring my camera next week and send what few pictures I have and hopefully have more time to write!! I love you all so much and miss you guys even more! 

Os quiero!
Elder Morgan the Younger

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