Monday, January 6, 2014

Sweet Deceit

The investigators are kind of difficult around this season because when there is a holiday here people get very lazy and relaxed. Although we have one woman who is still golden. She came to our weekly lesson and she had read the first 11 chapters of the Book of Mormon and was able to summarize everything. I have high hopes for her. We have a few more on the edge of being dunked (as always) because they just need to be married or their parents to stop being a wall. It's a test of patience and endurance. I've been so tired all week and still am. 

Well we got to attend the first half hour of the ward New Year´s Party. Obviously we couldn't go to much more because we have a curfew and that party went until 5 in the morning or something around then. They know how to party in Spain. What we did get to do is see the parade for King´s Day. I´m not sure if the offical celebrations were last night or today (Although everything in the world is closed today). We watched the parade with the ward in front of the chapel. It was pretty interesting. It was actually smaller than Orem´s Summerfest Parade. There were some nice floats and people walking in the streets. Some were very, very, very different, but I guess that´s Europe. At the very end were the 3 floats decked out in lights covering literally everything and the three kings with their fancy dressed henchmen throwing candy. I was sorely deceived. I was told the parade people and kings throw "caramelos" which seems like it would be caramel, but I found out they are just hard candy to suck on. Still tasted good. :) I tried to take photos but it was very cloudy and very late so they wouldn´t work. 

We got the information of transfers and we´re all staying in Torrejón! The surprise is that we´re getting a new companionship of sister missionaries and it´s a training. We´ll meet the trainer (Hermana Nydegger? It was something really hard to spell) today and the greenie comes tomorrow. Side thought: It seems like everyone who is sent to Spain has a name that is hard for the Spanish to pronounce like Alpblanalp and Shumway and Quesne. They´re all very grateful for missionaries with names like mine that are easier. Anyways, this transfer seems like it´ll be a good one and I´m excited for the future as always.

Hopefully I´ll have more to write and more energy next week. Keep me in your prayers! Love you all!

Elder Morgan the Younger

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