Monday, November 18, 2013

I need a new Spacebar

I´m really going to miss Brother Cooper.* He is one of the kind of old people I will strive to be like when I grow old. So many more people needed to meet Brother Cooper. I´ve always tried to tell people about him but I just can´t do him justice. That really stinks. I wish we still had more time with Brother Cooper. At least our ward and stake will remember him. All my friends who got a patriarchal blessing loved him. Dang. That´s really, really sad.

Aw, apparently the reports of Ender´s Game aren´t exactly hopeful. Oh well. Easier to not miss it. I always love seeing English titles translated into Spanish. Like there are a few billboards for Los Juegos Del Hambre: En Llamas (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire). Language always makes me happy. I´m excited to be fluent someday. Although I don´t know random words like when an investigator asked us to translate "buoy". Ya, that´s a bit obscure. But I´m getting better each day. Subjunctive is still waiting for its time to shine. It´s the hardest because we have no English equivalent. It´s when you express doubt or judgement or emotion or who knows what. I´m definitely making sure that my children are bilingual, because it seems that when you know a romance language (Latin based) then you can learn them all so easily. Everyone learns like 2 or 3 others. Although the cool part is talking to Portuguese or Italian people because you can understand them for the most part even without knowing the language. 

Ya, we heard about the Philippines from members. We heard big things like the government almost going bankrupt. I always wonder if I´ll have one of those disaster moments as a missionary. Who knows. Hopefully it´ll be ok. 

Wow, a lot of these questions seem to be always about food. Ya, I´ve had lots of ham (jamón). It´s practically the basic meat here. Although we do have a lot of chorizo. My paté is jamón flavored. They serve it plain at houses. Ya, we do have meals at members houses. Some places they get fed almost every meal. I´ve only had like 5 or 6 overall, but they were great. I think we´ve been getting more since my comp is leaving. We were just at the Stake President´s house yesterday and his wife is an amazing cook. I should´ve gotten those recipes. We get up at 7 during the winter and 7:30 in the summer. It still feels early. Tortillas aren´t too common in our piso. They take a surprising amount of effort and time when you have a missionary schedule. Maybe some day. 

Winter has come at last. It´s been hovering above freezing for the last few days. since it´s humid here your breath goes infinitely farther when it´s cold. It´s fun. I enjoy small pleasures, even if they´re a bit childish. Like crunchy leaves. When you live in a city with tree lined streets, it´s so fun in the fall. And our heaters work at last! Huzzah!

This is a warning to all missionaries. CTR clothing has nice stuff, but it falls apart fast. My trainer´s suit from there tore when he was just barely in the MTC. Other jazz breaks too. The only merit they do have so far is socks and belts. I love the belts (I´m getting more when I get home), and the socks dry before you even put them on the drying rack and stay soft. But most missionaries are sick of their CTR clothing stuff. 

The investigators are pretty much the same. On the edge of baptism, lazy as heck, and everything between. John Anthony needs to quit smoking and should this week if all goes to plan. He said he needs something to put in his mouth and between his fingers and we always joked about carrots but we bought him a 1kg bag of carrots and he thought it was so funny. So many other people are ready, they just haven´t realized within themselves. Some we´re dropping because they won´t do anything and won´t meet. The investigator portion of this email will be short because there´s not much I feel like talking about. But there is hope upon the horizon. 

We watched On the Lord´s Errand. It´s Thomas S. Monson´s life. Love it. I am on the last stretch of Jesus the Christ! I´m in the 600´s. That is a long and deep book. He spent so long recently talking about all the mistakes of Jesus´s trial. He spent a page just about donkeys when he talked about Palm Sunday.

Confound this space bar. We are in a different locutorio and I have to slam these keys to get them to work and I have to annihilate the spacebar for it to work. I fixed a lot of errors in this email. It doesn´t help either that the computer is Spanish so this whole email is underlined in red besides a few random words. 

Man, pardon my French but I just feel pooped so much and I think, "This week, the email will be like 3 paragraphs," and then it turns out to be a junior teen book series. If you see my journal entries they are like 4 lines but I look back at my emails and it´s an ocean of words. I seriously want to print these all off when I get home. For all of you who will read these is the future: Greetings. To the rest of you all who are reading them in the present: Talk to you later! Miss you all!

-Elder Morgan the Younger

P.S. To all of you reading from the past: How and why? And who? And all that good stuff.

*Our Patriarch passed away last week.

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