Monday, November 4, 2013

How Does Moses Make His Tea?

My journal writing suffered this week so it might not be as long as usual. So I started the "Missionary Journal" and it´s pretty intense. The first like 20 pages have places for everything important and random before, during, and after your mission. I´ll fill it out later.

I survived the food shortage! I have enough food to make a couple sandwiches, a bowl of peas, and a whole lot of plain rice. It was pretty close. After this I get to buy food! I was getting a little sick of that stuff. Our fridge is so sad right now. It´s the cliché empty shelves with like 3 items for each of us. 
I didn´t dream in Spanish that I can remember yet but apparently my first week I spoke in my sleep in Spanish and they´ll never let it down.
I had a great intercambios* last week. It was with my friend Elder Ballard from Barrio 6. He´s a cool guy and they guessed correctly that we´d do well together. It was a great day despite every lesson cancelling. We got some great street contacting, though! Hopefully we´ll be in the same district someday.

Oh, investigators. It´s hard because quite a few are right on the brink of baptism. They just need that push into the font. That´s one reason I´m always excited. They´re so close! One guy was really hit by the Joseph Smith video. He was just so shocked that he died at the end and kept talking about it. I´ve really liked some of the lessons we´ve been having. This one Adventist lady read a scripture we showed her in the Bible about the sticks of Judah and Joseph and asked us how the other churches could be saved without the Book of Mormon. Then we explained our purpose and now she´s super duper on our side which was good because it was a big family we were teaching and they were throwing out weird ideas and trying to undo our doctrine sometimes. She just kept on slamming into them that we need the Book of Mormon. We work with a lot of menos activos (less active members--sounds weird in English) recently. We´re having great lessons with one who was baptized without a full testimony and he´s progressing. It´s always great to see them at church and at activities. Speaking of which, we had a boss Halloween party.

We, the missionaries, worked with the ward council to have a Halloween party on the first. It went great. People said they hadn´t had a party like that in Barrio 8 for a long time. It definitely boosted the ward´s confidence in ward activities and the missionaries. We spent almost all of Friday setting it up. Most of the side games actually failed, but the dance, food, and people were great. We got the ward to spread word pretty far and bring lots of nonmember friends and we had investigators come and menos activos and they made ward friends. It helped some want to come to activities and to the church again. I made brownies for it! They were pretty dang delicious if I may say so. The weird part of the party was the music because it was normal music. Like music I´ve heard on the radio. I´m so used to church music. It was nice to have a day to celebrate. 

Apparently the way to advertise a movie here is to put it on every single bus station known to mankind. It almost is like that. Literally about half of the posters are for a single movie and they change every so often. They have some pretty thought provoking ads here too. It´s a pity they don´t get paid attention to much. They have some thought provoking image and powerful quote and then tell you to stop doing drugs or something. I always love seeing people do good here and not join their iniquitous brethren. Like helping blind people through the train station or a couple who decided to have a family at a normal age. Most families are two 50 year olds with one kid or no kid. They spend their lives in the eat-drink-and-be-merry style. My thoughts were confirmed when an apostle (Elder Oaks?) in general conference said that some European countries aren´t having enough kids to support their population. It´s pretty evident here. Hopefully that will enact some kind of Darwinism and all the wholesome people will be the only people raising the next generation. 

Spanish joke: ¿Qué es la diferencia entre un pera y una novia de un misionero? Uno es pera pero el otro no espera. (What is the difference between a pear and a missionary´s girlfriend? One is a pear but the other doesn´t wait. Makes more humor in Spanish since it sounds nearly identical.) My joke repertoire is expanding into Spanish. I know like 6 now. I love jokes because generally there´s always one that will make someone laugh whether it´s a terrible pun or an anti joke. Ooh! I just remembered a church pun. How does Moses make his tea? Hebrews it. That one´s golden. 

Whoops, just kidding. The email was still long. Psych! Love you all!

-Elder Morgan the Younger


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