Monday, June 8, 2015

With Much Haste!

Mom: Thanks for organizing everything and helping me not worry! I love you mom!

On a random note, I was watching a DVD we have called Finding Happiness and they have clips from each country depending on the language and I found two families from Villalba on there!

Ya, I´ll explain geography when I´m home. I have a nice map I got here that I can use to explain everything. It´ll be so much easier to explain everything in person.

Ah! Anna Low is going to Orem High and is 5´10"?!?!? What on earth? Time has flown by. I remember her as a baby in sacrament meetings in Indiana. Weird. I´m excited to see the Low´s. What´s their address and what buildings are they by that I´d know?

Ya, I´ve adopted a lot of phrases and the word "fetch" and many quotes to use in normal conversation. Natalie wrote me this week and I was about to try quoting some stuff but I figured it would be weird to type and not in person. Although it might still be weird. Oh well. I´ve probably changed my way of speaking a lot and will have to remove a lot of Spanglish.

We went to a mosque today. We were being led around by this really sweet Muslim woman but then another one came by and kind of yelled at her and us and said we needed to make an appointment over email to get a tour. So we had to bail but we got to see a bit of it and got a bit of adrenaline rush. I was so afraid of going in dressed as a christian missionary but President Jackson said it was OK.

I am so excited for a new tie and a wedding I can actually fully attend!

I have no more time but I love you all and miss you loads!

Os quiero,
Elder Morgan

The Mosque we went to.
Almost my complete name: Daniel S. Morgan

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