Monday, June 22, 2015


Well on random news I found out that the last name Arguello comes from Navarra, northeastern Spain, and that the last name Montealegre comes from Jerez de la Frontera, the southwest of Spain. Now that we have Family search on our iPad, I´ve realized that most of our ancestors are from Jerez and Navarra. Both in the other Spain missions. But oh well. Maybe I still have relatives in Madrid.

Funny story: The bishop was telling the youth to not use their phones for scriptures and to bring real scriptures to church like the missionaries do but then a kid from the primary said, "But the missionaries use their iPads." He was shocked and now has no more excuses to make them bring paper scriptures.

Random note: We met a man named Melqui (Melki) and he told us how it was spelled which is exactly the same as the beginning of Melchizedek in Spanish (Melquisedec) and we commented on that and he said that that´s what his father based his name on. Although he had no idea who he was. He just knew that he was a guy from the bible. First guy named Melchizedek that I´ve met in my life. Sounds like a very Mormon thing to do. I also found out that the singer of The Killers named his son Ammon. Hooray for Mormons.

I don´t remember if I´ve mentioned it, but I still find it hilarious every Sunday to hear the high priests joke about how their name (los sumos) for latinos sounds like juice (zumo) if you´re latino and sounds like Sumo wrestlers. Their like, "Orange juices over here and the lemon juices over their," or "But I´m not Japanese or fat,"or whatever beloved old people jokes you wish to insert. It´s really cheesy and old but I love it every Sunday.

Well today was a fun day. I came back to Barrio 5 with Elder Cluff who was in the dream team district there. It´s so weird to be here again. We´re writing in the Apple store by Plaza del Sol currently.

We got to go to our ward mission leader´s house on Sunday for lunch. I love that place. It´s so huge and their kids are so much fun. They have 5 and one on the way and so it felt like a family reunion with all the young kids around. A note for mom: For the first time in my mission, I found a house with a pastry cutter (the thing for biscuits). They have one! But they have a big lawn and a huge garden plot and a pool and just about everything. They live in a pretty nice neighborhood. The ex-president of Spain and the mayor of Madrid live their as well. Also, we found out that Boadilla del Monte is pretty well off as well. Ike Casillas, the goalie for Real Madrid, lives there.

Like I said before, it still doesn't feel like the end is arriving. I´m saying it and everyone else is saying it but my mind just still hasn't accepted it. Madness. It´s weirding me out.  I don't really have many news for the week. I miss you all! Love you loads!

Os quiero,
Elder Morgan

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