Monday, June 1, 2015


Well we had a awesome conversation with a Spanish investigator about Spanish history. She told us about the flag, what it all means, where the royalty comes from (the Bourbons) and stuff like that. I finally found out why Spain is called Spain! It comes from the Iberian word Ispaja (Ee-SPA-ha) which is rabbit and there are a ton of rabbits around here. The Romans turned that into "Hispania" which turned to "España" which we made into "Spain." We also learned about culture and jazz like that. And she said it makes sense that our Spanish ancestors left from Cádiz because that´s where most people left from.

Oh my it is so dang hot. I remember this now. There was about to be a riot in church because we all met together for the 5th-Sunday class and it was crowded and really hot and they went over time and people were flipping biscuits. I was on the point of bursting into flames in my suit. Thankfully I get to bail midway through summer. As much as I will miss the mission, I will not miss hot summer days in the streets all day. We had more lessons fail than usual. It sucks but oh well.

On the subject of little children saying stuff, a little kid told us that his family was in heaven. His grandma and his uncles and aunts and his brothers. I was so shocked and sad until his parents clarified that they had simply gone on a plane back to Bolivia but he didn´t really understand. Sky and heaven are the same word, "Cielo" (Thee-EH-lo. Yes, like that Danny).  

Also, this woman who loves making things passed me plans to make things like green houses and gardens on a fence and wind turbines from scratch. I´m sure you guys will love to see them. Although I´ll have to translate.

Yep, I´m excited for June but it´s also so weird to be in June. And we just found a Filipino man named June. Anyways, I love you all and miss you loads!

Os quiero,
Elder Morgan

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