Monday, April 20, 2015

Hot and Not Too Hot

Well this will be a short letter as well, regrettably. Not really much happened this week and I´m not feeling too hot. Quite the contrary, it is also getting really hot outside.

My new companion is Elder Johnsen from Holiday, Utah. He has one less transfer than me. I realized that basically everyone has less time than me. He´s a good worker. He´s very untouched by the world and innocent too. That´s all I´ll say for now.

Well more people seem to be disappearing so we´re back to the beloved streets again. Amongst the grumpy, hurried masses we´ve found some nice people. Including a man from Paraguay who was really chill. Although we already have some nice people to teach as well.

And on random news, my old companion Elder Weeks (from my second transfer in Villalba) just got transferred here to Carabanchel.

Well I have no more news for the week. Please pray for me a lot. I miss you all a lot and love you loads!

Os quiero mucho,
Elder Morgan

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