Monday, April 13, 2015

Beloved Transfers

When we went to the temple this week I saw a group of tourists being lead by a tour guide standing across the street from the temple. They were all looking at the temple and the tour guide had a paper with a picture of the temple and info so I assume that our temple is part of some tours of Madrid. Weird. We went to the temple last week and Elder Helske asked to hear it in Finnish so that we could see the old video. I love that one so much!

Ya... Transfers came again. I strongly dislike them sometimes. I get really attached to people and places and transfers just ruin that. Elder Helske will be home tomorrow and now my companion is Elder Johnsen from Holiday, Utah. I haven´t got to know him much, though. Well, I still have this awful drained, crappy feeling of transfers lingering within me, so this won´t be too long of an email.

We made cinnamon rolls! We went to a members house and I made biscuit cinnamon rolls while my companion made Finnish cinnamon rolls. They´re more like actual rolls to eat with dinner but sweeter and they have cardamom in them. They were pretty good.

That´s all. Not really too exciting of a week. I miss you all and love you loads!

-Elder Morgan

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