Monday, February 2, 2015

The End of the Second Decade

Hey, do I have a family member that went to Ecuador on their mission? There´s a family here who were baptized in Ecuador (not sure how long ago) by an Elder Morgan. The dad is Wellington and the family name is Castillo and they were in Recreo, Guayaquil and Esmeraldas. Just wondering.

So I went on intercambios with Elder Gorge, who is also from Indianapolis. So we talked a lot and found out a few things. The Pereiras moved to his ward and he knew them. We might have met his grandma. He said he thinks Brother Roach is in the stake young men´s presidency, and I couldn´t remember much more. But it was really cool to meet someone from there. I didn´t recognize a lot of the places and names he said because I obviously was young. And he is of course a Colts fan. He makes fun of how much corn they produce and I do remember that. One of the other elders call him "Child of the Corn" from some book or movie called "Children of the Corn." Little nostalgia moment.

I found out that friends of one of our investigators are from Torrejón. They got re-activated or just taught right after I left so I didn´t get to know them, but they know the ward and the city. That was another nice nostalgia moment.

It got dang cold. And not the nice cold, but the windy cold. So we had some nice contacting moments. Not really many in the street. Also it got pretty rainy which warmed it up a bit. Also, my umbrella already kind of broke. One of the arms broke but the rest still works. 

Ya, we saw the "La Marcha Para Cambio" posters everywhere and they had stencils they painted the "31-1-15 12:00" everywhere. Naw, they didn´t bother us. It was back in my old area where all the marches happen. Not sure what the group is called but maybe it´s "Podemos" or it might be "Sí Podemos" which actually means "Yes We Can" which sounds vaguely familiar. But that´s cool that you guys heard about that. I´m pretty sure nothing bad will come from it. They went down Calle Alcalá. It´s not that big of a march. Just two metro stops if that means anything to anyone.

Ya, not sure how my birthday will be. It feels weird that it´s coming. I don´t know how exciting it´ll be because I just got here and our district isn´t really that close. I got some nice food and a member actually gave me a can of root beer last week. At least once I´m 20 people will be less surprised about my age. A member family in B5 thought I looked like Jason Statham. I took it as a compliment.

And on a random note I bought a nice European white shirt which is a bit more fitting and has the Italian collar which looks cool. 

Also I am excited about the two pieces of news that I can´t mention specifically due to their temporarily secret nature. Both were kind of expected but I wasn´t sure when they would be. I have to look nice when I get home then. No more procrastinating on losing weight and no temporary beard growing. But ya, I await the approval to talk about them.

Also, I was going to send pictures today but my computer right now is a monster so I´ll try another day. I love you all!

Os quiero,
Elder Morgan

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