Monday, January 5, 2015


Random paragraph of immense size!!! I bought strawberry milk finally but it exploded everywhere because the lid broke off and it all fell. Our extremely distracted investigator got so distracted that he shined our shoes for us in the middle of the lesson and wouldn´t let us wait until after. We have a missionary here who is a recent convert of a year and a half and he has a boss story. Every time his mom caught him with a Book of Mormon she stole it and burned it but he just kept on getting more. He said she burned 8 in total and he still had like 12 more hidden in his house in case. Our beloved convert, Ana, fed us hot chocolate and I made brownies (star shaped!) because it was her birthday. And it was wonderful timing because it suddenly just plummeted in temperature here. I already talked to my family about it but we had a David Archuleta concert and he also came to our missionary Book of Mormon devotional. He sings very well of course. He got a song stuck in our head for the rest of the week, "Pastores de Belén." He spoke Spanish well but you could still tell he wasn´t native. And he said "La Reina Unida" instead of "El Reino Unido." One means "The United Queen" and the other is "The United Kingdom."  The other elders just baptized a Nicaraguan man and so I got to talk to him about all that jazz a bit. Turns out that people really, really, really, do not like our ancestor dictator man. Although I am starting to learn Nicaraguan slang. I gave my companion a heart attack because some members offered us some "coffee" which is really this coffee flavored stuff called Eco made from wheat or something. He asked me what it was and I told him coffee, like they said, and I told him not to worry because it was decaf and he flipped out but then I told him the truth. New Years was pretty chill. No guns here. Guns are basically entirely outlawed. Getting a license here is a nightmare. And when we talk about shooting guns, people look at us like we´re monsters and ask us how we could use something so dangerous. It is a very left sided country here. Franco literally killed off all the republicans during the civil war so there´s not many here. But anyways, New Years. I obviously didn´t go, but they set up fences around all the monuments and everything and basically it´s the biggest party in the world. They shut down the metro of the center because it gets so nuts. The debris was all over Madrid for the next two days still. It feels weird to be in 2015. Firstly, a lot of those near-future movies start in this time period. But it´s mainly weird because it´s my going home year. It´s a pretty interesting experience to hit that. I am finally realizing how dang old I am in the mission. It´s better to just not think about it. But it´ll be good. Well I have reached the end of my though process and I gotta go! I miss you all a lot and love you loads!

Os quiero,
Elder Morgan

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