Monday, January 19, 2015

Winter Shorts

Well, beloved transfers arrived. I´m getting kind of tired of them. I got moved. I am now in the 9th ward in an area called Carabanchel! Back in another ghetto. Not the prettiest area and our piso is the bare necessities so we´ll see how it goes. Although they say the members are awesome and my companion seems nice. His name is Elder Eskelson. He finishes in a transfer, though so I know he´ll only be here for a transfer. And this may be my last area so we´ll see how I feel about that. I´m just tired of transfers.

Last week was nice. It snowed! On the weekend it snowed but didn´t stick. It looked so beautiful. People said that in Villalba it stuck everywhere so that´s cool. It´s getting pretty cold but that doesn´t bother me. I also found a little surprise in a nerd shop. I was looking through the books and saw "Nacidos de la Bruma" and the familiar name of Brandon Sanderson! I found all his books including "Nacidos de la Bruma" which is Mistborn. Although that´s just the title of the series. They changed the first book to "El Imperio Final" which is "The Final Empire."

Quite frankly, leaving sucked. I hate farewells and I had really grown to love that area and got used to it and made it a nice area. It was also so gorgeous and I was doing fine with my companion and it was just wonderful. I forgot to bring my old planner through all the chaos and jazz going on in this wonderful change so I don´t have much to write. Plus I´m just pooped and feel crappy. No potty puns intended. Love you all!

Os quiero,
Elder Morgan

A bonus:  Two photos from his companion Elder Nickerl's blog:

With convert Ana

Paddleball with Elder Giforos

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