Monday, December 29, 2014

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

 Note from Mom:  No p-day last Monday due to Christmas. We just exchanged a few emails setting up the skype call. And due to my consistent begging, he finally sent a lot of photos from the last couple of months.  So, just a tiny email to go with them. But I'm glad for the pics.

Well if the phrase is true, I just sent a novel. Enjoy the photos! The titles of the emails are to express the rareness of this magical event. And I just had to do a giant survey for the mission so it has also sucked up my time. I love you all! Gotta go!

-Elder Morgan the Younger

Gypsy town in a part with no buildings

A shop with a logo for the Indy 500 I found

The Temple of Debod (Egyptian temple in Madrid)
Pretty Park in Madrid

Halloween pumpkins (Mine has the teeth)

Ana at her baptism
Elder Alhovuori when he was very cold and all wrapped up

Elder Alhovuori´s birthday package food collection

Hermana Shill´s gravestone cake for her farewell party

Cinnamon rolls I laboriously made

"Eggs in a Basket" using the star cookie cutter
A boss sunset by the Atocha train station

And our little Madrid Temple Square after the concert

Christmas Eve dinner Filipino style with the Chef

Madrid City Hall at Christmas
The Foam Tree Mom sent (he decorated)
I (Mom) saw this on Facebook. I don't know who they are. That's not his current companion.

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