Monday, September 15, 2014

Finnish Him!

Well I´m sorry but this was a busy p-day as well. But for a different reason. Transfers! After 4 and a half months in Villalba I am now at Barrio 5 (Madrid 5th Ward). It´s the center of Madrid including Sol. It´s a prettier area than my other ones in architecture. My companion is Elder Alhovuori from Finland, but he speaks English fluently. I already reached the end of my Finnish knowledge in conversation but he´s been telling me more stuff. He seems pretty nice and we´ll see how this transfer goes.

Well the last p-day we went to the farewell party of one of the AP´s in Madrid and I had to go since everyone else did. I am absolutely ok with having a chill p-day but apparently that´s not ´til next week at least. We usually write and shop every p-day but we can clean and wash every other day too. Yes, we do clean. No, I haven´t used Norwex cloths because most things just need big rough cloths or steel wool and I don´t want to ruin the cloths here. It´s not worth it.

Ya, I got more letters this week. I usually write family, a couple missionaries, and usually like 2 of the 3 friends from home who write me. Grandma sends me loads which is nice and I usually star her emails to keep when they´re good. The frequency of letters is dying off a bit like people said but it´s not too bad.

Ya, I know Elder Fonseca. He´s in my MTC group and so he has the same time in the mission as me. He was also in my room in the MTC. Wow, General Conference is only 3 weeks away? That´s so soon!

I enjoyed reading Tim´s email. I went through a lot of those emotions at the beginning. He has quite the Spanglish going on.  According to the Argentines here, Córdoba doesn´t speak with the Sh sound, although he did write with a Sh so maybe some people moved there? And yes, I would like to receive his emails. And maybe I´ll write him.

I had more stuff written in my journal but that´s nicely packed away. I cannot wait to get unpacked. I hate being packed. I don´t feel settled yet. Especially since it´s all I own here. Next week I should be more comfortable.

Hopefully next week I can write more! We´ll see what happens. I love you all!

Os quiero,
Elder Morgan the Younger

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