Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Real Missionary Now

The stadium we visited was called Bernabeu. It was pretty great but not too exciting. There were a lot of trophies and whatnot. It´s huge though. They just added on and added on.  I got lots of sweet pictures. Today we´re going to Prado Museum.

So I´m now known for telling jokes. People ask me all the time to tell but I´m not some sort of jukebox comedian so I do it in my own time. Never saw the bear and strawberry tree statue. Something may have been stolen by gypsies but I´m not sure. I'll explain later. 

Dang, I want to see the new temple video but we won´t get it until it´s translated into Spanish in the late fall. My companion is great. I love my district and room and zone. We all get along besides a few people who take things way too seriously or complain. It´s fun to hear that you met his mom. 

Our printer doesn´t work so I don't even get to print off everything so I´m sorry if I don´t respond to everything. My schedule is pretty normal. Studying, class, and investigators are most of the day with meals in between. Thursdays we get to go the temple and go on an expedition and listen to amazing devotionals from old talks. They are amazing. We heard one from Elder Bednar that was amazing. Sadly we can´t see them outside the MTC. The big thing he said was that people ask him how to know if something is just a thought or the spirit. His response was "Don´t worry about it. Just be a good boy or girl." He shared experiences where it was inspired thoughts, but he couldn´t feel tons of spirit. Fridays we do service. Saturdays we proselyte in the park. 

I´m apparently a real missionary now because I´m been sworn at and I passed out a Book of Mormon. We passed out the BoM to an interested, funny Cuban guy and this lady yelled in English, "Buzz off! Do you understand?" When we just said hello she used a very colorful word instead. After that we prayed and found the Cuban guy so it was good. Sundays are pretty chill. We have church. We got to tour the temple today. 

I gotta make like a banana and split because there is the ever present schedule and pressure of email. Love you all! I wish I had more time!

-Elder Morgan the Younger

P.S. That means "Wesley" has to sign it as the older. Yes it does.

As a bonus, I found his MTC companion's mom on the Missionary Mom email site and we've exchanged a few emails.  She was nice enough to send to me a bit that her son shared with her that had to do with my son.  Here it is:
"Viernes (Friday) - Normal day except I feel I had a really good comp talk with my companion. We didn´t teach our first investigators very well and kinda got reprimanded so he was feeling frustrated and I was frustrated so I was like Élder we can´t do this. We need to go talk about it and figure something out. So we did and our lessons have been improving since."

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