Thursday, August 29, 2013

Last Week in the CCM (MTC)

I don´t have much time. Today´s been more hectic than usual. We´re a-leaving. Although since I live out of a suitcase I´m already half packed. We leave on Tuesday.

Oh my goodness. We actually had clouds yesterday! So the sunset was amazing. I got some boss pictures and the sky looks like it´s a fire. I can send them later, but not in the MTC. We had Dominoes Pizza last Friday! We´ve had "pizza" here but it´s more like tomato sauce on pita bread. And the "hamburgers" are pretty sketchy too.

So, interesting story. Or rather, interesting for a missionary. My shoes have always felt different and I assumed the left one fit better because I had worn it around the store for a while. Nope. The right one is a different size. Extra wide and normal are a big difference when normal barely fits.

Yesterday we went to the mall and I am excited for buying clothes right before I leave. Not to sound weird but a lot of that clothing is boss looking and it´s pretty dang cheap. You can buy some sweet shoes for 3€ which is like 5 bucks. It´s been so hot here. It´s been 40 a lot which is like 105. Although, it may be on the downhill after that rain.

I love the talk called The Character of Christ by Elder Bednar. I wish you guys could see it. The main message was that the greatest attribute of Christ was that he always "turns out". When people would be thinking about themselves he is always thinking of others. Like after his encounter with the devil you can read in the JST that instead of getting angels to help him after a huge encounter like that, he sent them to John who is in prison. You can find examples everywhere.

I really want to type more and I will next week. I like the MTC but I am excited to get out because we make sardines seem cozy. And all the sardines don´t have to use things meant for a group half or third their size.

Elder Morgan the Younger

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