Monday, May 4, 2015

I'm Feeling Very...Open

Well this p-day we´re going to the Madrid Open (tennis tournament)! I´m not a huge fan of tennis but it´s fairly cheap, our district wants to go, and in reality I had no better plans. I have no thoughts on it now since I haven´t seen much. It should be pretty fun. We also found out that President Jackson is going as well! We´ll see how it goes.

Butterfly in Finnish is "perhonen (PER-ho-nen)" and the thunder god´s name is "perkele (PER-ke-le)". The thunder god´s name is also the name of the devil and can be used in normal conversation, just not as a shout. 

I cannot imagine what joy you guys had while looking for a dress for Kara. I have seen you guys ooh and aww over little girls clothing for the last few years and I feel like a little baby wedding dress would just be ecstasy.

On random news of the week, we were talking to an evangelist family in the street and the dad said he wanted to give us a hug and right before he hugged me he said, "I do this in the name of Jesus Christ," and then hugged me. That was definitely my first time being hugged in the name of Jesus Christ. Interesting experience.

Our ward had a Mother´s Day party (Mother´s Day here was this last Sunday. Ya. Weird.) on Saturday and it reminded me how different American and Spanish/Latino ward parties are. Like normal, there were long tables and food and talking and everything but after everyone was done eating they quickly removed the tables and had a very up beat dance. And all ages dance since it´s not just party or pop music here. It seems like old people get more excited than the youth at times. We left soon after that started and the dance lasted for hours afterward.

So ya, the skype call will be, if we can do it, at 11 AM your time which is 7 my time. It´s basically the only time that works since my companion´s family have church that starts at 11. He´ll skype an hour earlier.  

Anyways, that all for now. Gotta go! See you guys on Sunday! Love you all!

Os quiero,
Elder Morgan

P.S. And May the Fourth be with you. :D

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