Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Made it to Spain!

Hi mom!

I´m alive. I can´t write until next Thursday, besides today. This is just me saying I´m alive and at the MTC. I'll write much more next week. Especially when I don´t feel weird. We got to talk to a non-member lady on the plane and answer questions. We're went in a giant group of about 40 missionaries. We stuck out a lot. Especially in Georgia. Everything is made of red brick here. The temple is gorgeous and really, really close. I'll take pictures later. It seems nice enough here. We're packed beyond capacity so things get a little weird. It's literally been a long day. I am looking forward to sleep. The keyboards are weird here. I have a lot to do and learn. They say the first week will be overwhelming. I wish I had some time to look through all my bags. I don't know where much is. I only found the travel pillow a few minutes ago. Hopefully I can do that. I'll send a better letter next week. I love you!

Elder Morgan

Elder Morgan and his mom at the airport
Look at our missionary all grown up and ready
to head to Spain

See you in two years!

Mom, stop taking pictures of me.

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